THiNC safety program


The THiNC team can provide an innovative, creative and safe solution for your complicated production requirements. From engineering rigging systems, to production supervisors, and safety planning, THiNC Worldwide will provide certified support to ensure a successful and safe event.

With a desire to further safe working practices THiNC embarked on a journey to become a industry leading supplier in the area of working at heights safety planning and execution.  THiNC’s involvement with The Limpet Fall Prevention System highlights one of the main focuses of THiNC Worldwide, to bring safety to the forefront of all events.

THiNC was approached by Jim Digby,  head of Linkin Park’s touring production team.  Jim asked THiNC provide a working at heights safety program for the Linkin Park Carnivores World Tour.  We chose the Limpet Total Heights Safety Technology ( and incorporated the system into the tour for: technician access, follow spot operator access, and fall recovery.

The THiNC safety program and Limpet Technology in conjunction with daily safety planning and training is arguably the safest working at height solution on tour today. 


BroadWeigh Dynamic Wireless Load Monitoring is efficient, simple, expandable and accurate. This wireless shackle load cell has zero impact on trim, a range of ½ mile, can be monitored via laptop or smartphone, and is expandable to 100 units.  BroadWeigh is Manufactured by Mantracourt and available from THiNC for rental or sales.